Impact on Host Communities

How has the influx of newcomers affected new destinations? Is there evidence of change in the local landscape, in cultural practices, in politics, the regional economy or in other ways due to the arrival of newcomers? These are the questions we hope to address in this portion of the project, primarily through the case studies of Burlington’s Old North End neighborhood and the neighboring city of Winooski.

Mawuhi African Market Mural in memory of Muhammad Ali on the side wall of Mawuhi African Market 
in Burlington's Old North End. 

This segment of the project consists of 4 major components:

  1. Mapping of two major resettlement sites of Vermont (Winooski and Burlington’s Old North End).

  2. A photovoice study in which two groups (1 refugee and 1 non-refugee) from each of the above locations will be asked to take photos of their respective neighborhoods based on the given instructions.

  3. The addition of 4 refugee-related questions to the annual Vermonter Poll for the year 2015, 2016, and eventually 2017.

  4. Interviews with local key informants.

Looking Up North StreetLooking up North St. in the heart of Burlington's Old North End, 
with the Nepali Dumpling House featured to the left.

Mapping Local Resettlement


Vermonter Poll